X Games Real Street 2020

Once a year X Games put out a selection of street edits from some of the greatest skaters in the observable dimension, and given the ongoing Pandemic, this might be all the X Games put out this year. 


The rules are pretty simple, one skater, and one filmer per edit. The part must be a minute long, and the winner get's a billion dollars and/or a medal declaring them the gnarliest gnarler to be currently getting gnarly, or something to that effect. 


I mean, let's be honest this is just a way for people to get rid of some unused footage, but whatever, it's just nice to see some more footage of people we enjoy ripping.


Personal Verdict? Go vote for Dakota, anybody who can look that stylish while running a full bore 11/10 gym coach moustache deserves all the accolades in the world.


Follow the link below and decide for yourself who should win




Stay safe everybody, Deekose.

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